Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance With Bayshore Landscaping

Bayshore Landscaping provides quality lawn care & landscaping maintenance services for all types of commercial and residential properties in the South Jersey areas. Our crew is equipped and experienced with state of the art lawn care and landscape maintenance equipment. Our experienced staff will ensure that your property displays a professional look.

The Staff at Bayshore Landscaping provides superior full service lawn care and landscaping property grounds maintenance services by building relationships founded on quality, reliability and professionalism. Contact us for a free consultation. The best in property grounds management!


- Mowing & Edging
- Trimming, pruning of trees & shrubs
- Leaf removal
- Mulching & Bed Maintenance
- Perennial garden maintenance, dead heading, dividing, etc.
- Seeding & Fertilization Treatments
- Spring & Fall Clean-Up

You have created the most stunning landscape around your home and spent a sizeable amount of money on it too. It’s been a labor of love and now you can sit back and enjoy all the open spaces around your home. But there is something you will have to do in order to keep enjoying it in the future as well. It is crucial that you keep the lawn looking as attractive as it was when it was installed. Bayshore Landscaping provides the best residential lawn care services and will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful-looking.

We create a customized lawn care and landscape maintenance program which takes care of all garden maintenance needs. This program will be based on your personal need and the conditions specific to your garden. We use the best nutrients & organic manure and adopt a very integrated approach to lawn maintenance services.

Maintenance With Bayshore Landscaping
We have over two decades of experience and have built a reputation of being one of the most reliable and efficient landscaping services and lawn maintenance companies in the region. We focus on efficiency and keep our costs low and have a very methodical approach to landscape maintenance:

- Aeration - Core aeration effectively relieves compaction and promotes root development. It thickens the lawn, reduces thatch & builds drought and disease resistance. The most healthy and attractive lawns are aerated annually.
- Overseeding - We will also apply professional quality grass-seed at an appropriate rate which will create a thicker lawn. We might also aerate the lawn while this process is being carried out.
- Weekly Mowing - We have varying sizes of mowers that ensure the lawn is mowed properly. Trimming is carried out in the areas that cannot be reached by a mower. Edges will be powered as necessary and all the clipping will be blown from the beds, hardscaping and softscaping.
- Spring and Fall Cleaning - Blowing and raking of leaves and clearing of any sticks or other debris that lies on the hardscaping, patios and decks. The curb lines will also be cleaned of all sand and salt during routine maintenance.
- Shrub Pruning and De-weeding - We will hand prune/ shear all the shrubs to an even and neat form. Pruning the shrubs promotes healthy growth. All the flower beds and the lawn will be de-weeded.

In addition to all these things, we also check all the drainage and runoff and maintain those elements. The sprinkler heads will be checked and the programming of irrigation controllers will also be inspected if required. We can plant outdoor containers and pots in existing spaces and the gravel can be refreshed. The water features will also be cleaned regularly.

Beautiful environments help in adding an attraction quotient and they also promote a distinct sense of well-being. In addition, they increase community cohesion and help in improving public health as they encourage people to step outdoors and exercise. Most aware home owners associations, apartments and complex managers ensure that their immediate surroundings and grounds are maintained well and will hire the services of efficient grounds maintenance companies.
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