Water Features

Water Features With Bayshore Landscaping

Water gardens transform an outdoor living space into a beautiful paradise where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Water features become the focal point of any garden with their melodious tunes and natural ability to attract a variety of birds and butterflies. Whether you tuck a decorative fountain near the entrance of your home or create a backyard habitat with an ecosystem pond and waterfall, you’ll find each day enhanced when you waterscape your landscape. Whether you have an expansive lawn or a small balcony, you’ll find a water feature to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Water features make a big statement and can provide a focal point in a space as they lend visual appeal while emitting soothing sounds. There’s nothing better than the right water feature complimenting and completing an inspiring outdoor getaway.

Adding water features to your garden or yard add an inexplicable charm to the space. A well-designed and positioned water feature such as a garden fountain can transform a very banal landscape into an extraordinary one. When we design and install landscapes, we also try to incorporate water features if our clients find the idea interesting. But we are also able to add outdoor water fountains to any existing landscapes.

Apart from adding aesthetic value to the outdoor space, they create a very relaxing atmosphere. They are the perfect solution for a garden that is exposed to heavy traffic noise. It blocks out the noise and the sound of trickling water can be truly restorative.

Water features can act as focal points in the landscape and you can opt for more than one garden fountain if you like. You can opt for the convenience of a pre-fabricated water fountain or decide to have one that is custom built. There is a range of designs and styles to choose from and you are sure to find what you are looking for. The water features can be freestanding or wall mounted and there are the tiered or disappearing fountains and waterfalls that are equally alluring and maintenance free.

Water Features With Bayshore Landscaping
The water feature you finally pick will be dependent on the space that is available, the style of your garden and the maintenance and budget considerations. With our decades of experience, we will be able to help you every step of the way and can provide you with ideas and advice about choice of material, design and style. Here is a list of water features that people commonly use:

- Pondless Waterfall - his is a re-circulating waterfall/ stream that has no pond. You can enjoy the melodious sound of the trickling water but will never have to worry about pond maintenance. Refilling of the reservoir has to be carried out only every few weeks. This water feature is a definite space saver and the perfect option for homeowners who are concerned about the safety factor.

- Bubbling boulders - These boulders are amazing space savers and still allow you to add the water element without too much of trouble. They are available in sandstone, granite, green mica and natural pink quartz stone. These stones are drilled with holes of varying diameters and the water bubbles out through them. They are an ideal option for smaller areas like decks or patios and add the attraction quotient to it.

Now that the weather's warming up, it's time to turn a critical eye to your outdoor living space. Flowers, fences, gazebos and benches are all pretty ... but what really makes your landscape a peaceful paradise is the sound of running water in the landscape. Combine a variety of elements in your landscape to create a beautiful outdoor living space you can enjoy for hours on end.

More and more people are sprucing up their backyards to create outdoor living environments where they can relax, de-stress, and entertain friends and family.
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